Morning Prayer for June 9

Beautiful Father of goodness, this morning I want to thank You for loving me and for giving me every day the opportunity to get up, to be able to meet You and my dearest ones. Thank You that I am here again, standing before the world and kneeling before You. I am fortunate to have rested peacefully and now, with renewed energy, I am ready to start a morning full of many plans and purposes.

Thank You for all the experiences You give me this morning, I want to make the most of them. Because all situations have been improving and bringing out the most beautiful in me, because everything you let me pass will serve me to grow in faith and holiness.

May this morning, I may attain your favor; may my soul be filled with your inexhaustible love, so that I may serve you with greater care and charity. For I am certain that nothing can be against me when you remain at my side.

Today dear God, I ask you with much fervor for my family, for the problems they may be going through, whether economic, emotional or health. I ask You to be the doctor who heals their lives, body and soul; so that they can get back on their feet and motivate them to continue to maintain the union between us, having You as the first place of all.

Give us the hope that every problem has a solution, that all will be well if I make the right decisions, guided by You. Help us to be certain that You have the absolute truth, which is based on the burning love of Your heart.

I also ask you to cleanse my heart of all the evils that want to spoil my plans, listen at all times to my prayer my good God, may your joy invade my whole being and may strength be the one who envelops this day to be certain that victory will be ours in the face of trials.

If things go very well for me, do not let my emotions be greater than my gratitude. But if things go differently, give me the ability to understand what hides that bad taste and encourage me to continue to live for You and others. 

My God, I know that this day will be full of many difficulties but I am also sure that with your grace, I will be able to do everything. Increase my faith, so that in my commitments I may be more and more responsible and may build with my brothers and sisters, a society full of light, a truly living society.

Blessed Father, grant me the privilege of being able to carry your message to the hardest hearts, to bring them closer to you through my life as a witness and through your word, as a source of eternally living water, to quench the thirst of my brothers and sisters in your presence. Let us embark now on this new adventure that awaits us, my God, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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