Morning Prayer for June 10

God, King of my life, I want to take advantage of the early hours of the morning to raise to heaven my gratitude for one more day of life and your company. Today I have the opportunity to finish what I left unfinished yesterday, thank you my Lord, because you grant me this breath of life with health, enough to be able to carry out all my plans with great effort. 

Every day that begins, you sow in me a great desire to glorify your name, to tell you how important you are to me. How beautiful you are Lord, because every day you make it different and special, as if it were a new one, but that day you make it shine with your essence in love. 

On this morning my Lord, I ask for your blessing and care; to be able to take advantage of every occasion that you give me, as if it were the last of my life. Give me your fighting spirit and courage to fight all my battles with the certainty that victory is yours.

Help me always to find meaning and direction in my life; and that no matter how much difficulty or sickness there may be, I may go nowhere to take refuge but in your arms, in your divine presence.

Enlighten each step I take, to do so with the firmness in the awareness of your love, and if for any reason, I should take a wrong step, I ask you to listen with great affection to my prayer. Remove the enemy from my sight and from my soul, protect me under the shadows of your wings and lead me to You always.

Thank you wonderful God, for being attentive to my petitions, for comforting my heart in sadness and pain, for discovering you in my loneliness. Thank You for speaking and giving me many hugs through the beautiful people that You place in my path, this will help me to understand the people who lack every need.

Let me find you through my sincere prayer. I ask You with much devotion, to protect all people from temptation and bad living, so that they may discover You in the simple and fall in love with You. Thank You that I trust that You will not let me be ashamed in front of my enemies.

Fill their souls with hope and opportunities to improve their quality of life. Heal their wounds and free their souls in love. Come to their aid when they need it most, occupy every space of their hearts with your mercy and lead them away from darkness.

I begin this day with enthusiasm and all the desire to want to do things in the right way and under your will. Give me a day filled with your presence and, if for some reason things go differently than planned, give me the calm not to worry and be convinced that only your grace is enough for me, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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