Morning Prayer for June 11

Glorious Lord, thank You that my life begins to make sense with the first opening of my eyes and recognizing the wonderful gift of life. It is You who fills me with enthusiasm and shows me every day, that I can make a difference in this world if I love, forgive and make my prayer a beautiful melody for your ears.

This morning my heart wants to thank you, blessed God, for deciding to stay by my side, taking care of my dreams and putting my thoughts and concerns in order. Thank you because you let your love envelop me in a sublime way during the night and you drove away all fear, all darkness from my room. 

Thank you my good Lord, because with every opportunity you give me, it is a great gift, because my supplications are heard and taken to heaven as an offering. Stay by my side this day my God, for with you I need fear no evil, for your right hand upholds me.

Do not let me fall into these weaknesses, by your goodness grant me the necessary firmness to resist these challenges, help me to be patient in everything that comes my way, I lean on you Lord.

I ask you with great hope, to give me your wisdom to think and make the best decisions that can define my future as a professional and your son. In a special way I ask you to restore my heart, forgive my faults, I want to start from scratch from your hand almighty Father. Give me the opportunity to vindicate myself with you and with my brothers, I can do things better.

Teach me always to be able to give with confidence, without expecting to be grateful, I do not want to expect anything in return but your grace, to continue to undertake the path that you trace for me. I want to give myself to others, to think more of my neighbor than of my own good. Fill my soul with joy, so that I may accompany and fill with smiles all those who surround me this day.

If things get difficult, help me to be patient and to carry out all that I am told to do, and in the end, come to expect that your holy hands will put everything in its place at the right time.

My Lord, I want to sail this ship of faith, full of new dreams and ideals, I hope that everything I share with you will be listened to with great attention, I offer it to you with great sincerity Lord; I want you to be the one who directs this day.

May this day be very productive, for me and the people I love the most. Bless my family with a day full of promises for their lives. Whatever happens I will follow you beloved Father, I declare it in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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