Morning Prayer for June 12

Blessed Lord, King of the Universe, today I wake up with renewed energy and a more rested body. I feel ready to begin this day with much attitude and much conviction that all that I have proposed to myself will be accomplished in your holy name.

This morning I prostrate myself before your presence to thank you for granting the desires of my heart that I asked for in the night, because in many ways you show me your company and your protection, although certainly many times I do not deserve it because I fail you daily. Thank you for embracing me in your mercy and forgiveness, for reconciling my soul to you and erasing every stain from my weak soul.

Dear Father, dwell in my home and in my life so that You may work through me, so that I may be an instrument messenger of Your promises, of the new things that are always under the sun for all those who truly seek You from their hearts.

Give me much prosperity in the work that I will do, so that I may continue to support my family by providing daily food and clothing. Take into account what I ask of you today my Lord and grant me everything at the time you deem appropriate.

Like incense smoke, I raise my prayer towards your altar, that it may be eternally heard. Always come to my aid when things get difficult. Do not abandon me, nor lose sight of me for a second please, it is You who helps me to go on when my strength is low and everything seems impossible.

Take my hand and walk with me, filling my heart with love my Lord, because You are my motivation and the source of inspiration for absolutely everything. Help me to give solution to the problem that wants to surprise me today, with your wisdom and patience I know I can do it, I trust in you my Lord.

Do not allow me to enter into anguish and act on the impulse of my despair. Give me a pause in my mind so that I may calm myself, and then continue. Bless my life and the lives of my loved ones, we need You my God, we want to leave with You towards this new opportunity of life and heaven.

If the plans I have go against me, do not let me get discouraged, give me patience Lord. Let me look at them with a challenge, as something that for some reason you have not allowed to happen, because you always seek my welfare Lord, You would not let my heart be harmed, nor let me do things that take me away from You.

I want to consecrate my heart once again, I give it to You with nothing to hide, it is Yours Lord. Allow me to continue under your will beloved Father, I take courage to face everything this day, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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