Morning prayer for December 6

Precious Lord, this morning I approached You to thank You for the new day You grant me. My heart fills with joy because I can recognize your love in the beautiful things that you put in my way. Thank you for your peace, for your blessings, and, again, for the day that begins for me.

I love you with all my might and I don’t want to fail you, blessed Lord. Take away from me all feelings of evil, all weakness, and doubts that arise. Make me strong when facing trials, stay by my side to give firmness to the decisions that I can make.

I thank you, heavenly Father because you always take care of me because you are awaiting my call and listening to my prayers. Thank you because you give me everything without limit because you give me the necessary opportunities to achieve my goals and fulfill my wishes.

Everything you do is wonderful: the air I breathe, the water to quench my thirst, the food to satisfy my hunger, the health to carry out my work, and your promises. Light my way on this day so that nothing can separate your light from my heart. Hear this prayer that I pray to you with great devotion and trust, my Lord.

This morning, I also want to ask you for the people who have taken their eyes off your path. Let their hearts understand that the only way will always be You and that the vicissitudes of life should not change that mentality. Help them to find trust in your Name, to know that only by being by your side will they be able to find that peace that they lack so much.

My Lord, I want to thank you for the greatest blessing that I constantly receive: my family. I thank you, because you show infinite generosity with them, granting them what is necessary to live calmly, in peace, and in harmony. Thank you for healing the cracks in our home and keeping us together in constant prayer.

My God, I will start my day holding your hand and asking you to bless my activities. If my soul is discouraged, fan its fire and love me a little more and more. May your presence not stray from me for the rest of the day.

Father of mercy, increase my faith with each sunrise and grant me the lucidity to recognize you as the main center of my life. Thank you for your infinite kindness, for your friendship, and for your love. Thank you, beautiful God, for always keeping me safe and for giving me your word of encouragement so that I do not wane in my perseverance and move forward.

Dear God, help me to live this day with enthusiasm and good sense, allow me to make the right decisions that will bring me closer to achieving my dreams. Make me an instrument of your love so that I can carry that message like a small seed and sow it in the hearts of those who need it most. All this I ask in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, our only Lord, and our Savior, Amen.

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