Morning Prayer for June 13

Precious Father, dawn breaks and I hear your sweet voice coming to my heart and I cannot help but, look at you once again to thank you my Lord. Today I wake up with a joy so lit with the light of your sun and I want to show you all my love with everything I do this day, accompanied by your grace and your infinite goodness.

I am certain that you have prepared something great for my life, I am filled with illusion, because I am also sure that you will accompany me for the rest of all the hours that remain for this day.

Your beautiful presence is illuminating all my room this day, thank you for coming to my aid always Lord, for including me with much affection in your book of life, because you show me your love in many ways from the first ray of sunshine, until the last breeze that caresses my cheeks at night. 

Today I give you the most precious thing you gave me as a gift: my family. I pray for each one of them, that they may begin this day with much enthusiasm and with totally renewed energy. Nourish their souls with your Spirit and fill their hearts with your peace, so that they may recognize you in every dawn and in every action they take.

Help us to persevere in love, that your presence may unify our lives, beyond our different ways of thinking, because having you as the center of our home, the victory is yours and ours before the enemy. Wash away every stain they may have in their hearts, keep them from every danger and every temptation that would harm the journey they have planned today.

Grant us the necessary strength, so that every morning we can raise praises to heaven for You and exalt how glorious is your name on earth and throughout the universe, because today I recognize that everything you give us and continue to give us comes from your pure hands.

Heavenly Father, I have a list of plans so that in each one I may glorify you, but if some things become difficult, help me with patience to understand that everything that happens and what does not, is guarded in your will, perhaps on this occasion, I do not need what I have now planned. 

Give me the grace to be able to live and share with the many people, and that, despite the adversities, I do not lose the smile on my face, because I have the confidence that you will solve everything in your times, and that I do not have to worry because the problems are not eternal, only your love, your victory and your presence Lord.

How Holy you are my God, I trust in your words, I keep your promises in my being with the hope that they will be fulfilled in your good time. Today I begin with a look to heaven and with my hands ready to help in whatever You ask of me blessed Father, stay with me for I need You, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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