Morning Prayer for June 14

My Lord, a new day has arrived and I feel stronger than yesterday. Thank you for taking care of my dreams and my rest, I stand up ready to start the day with great joy and hope that everything will go very well.

It fills me with enthusiasm to know that I was under your gaze and that you granted me this beautiful day to make the most of it, to recognize all that you do for your immense love for me, thank you for giving me a roof with a bed to rest from fatigue, thank you very much because I have a family that supports me and motivates me to not stop fighting for my dreams.

My God of love, thank you very much because my body and my mind could rest in your presence without suffering any interruption that could harm them, because you decided to stay with me during all the silence of the night, so that nothing disturbs me from the beginning to the end of my dreams. 

I make a petition for my work, for the people who accompany me in my workplace. May everything I do there glorify you and radiate your name. Bless my hands to work with humility and to finish with success every word or every action proposed.

Holy and strong God, You know how much I strive to work or study with dignity, I ask You to continue taking care of me and do not let me lose honesty in my actions, give me the patience to achieve all my desires with great abundance and success, enlighten my thoughts with great wisdom to undertake my work efficiently, without losing my principles founded on You.

I also want to take this opportunity to ask You for my family, for each of their lives and the projects they have in mind, help them to fulfill with much righteousness without forgetting You, that through Your name the desires of their hearts may be fulfilled and that all problems they may be going through, may be solved by Your great mercy. 

Good Father, may my prayer not remain only for these hours of the day, I wish that it may flourish in all my actions and that they may have the best aroma for You, when the night comes. You know everything about my life, what I show in my daily life and what I hide in my silence. 

God of the universe, Holy Lord, fill with blessings the lives of those who do not know you and who have strayed from your presence. Show them the way back to You, to the true home and may their hearts overflow with happiness knowing that they are your children and belong to your holy kingdom. 

Today I have a new opportunity of life and I do not want to waste it, I hope that everything I have planned to do can be fulfilled under your word; but do not leave my side, together life is more bearable and love is the most indestructible, let us go with your beloved son Jesus, Amen.

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