Morning Prayer for June 15

Mighty Lord, thank you for saying that you love me with this dawn. I feel secure and confident, that your divinity has protected me from all evil and also my family. Thank you that my petitions are heard daily. 

Today I am ready to carry out all my activities with much enthusiasm, I want my spirits to remain high, because I want to please you and there is nothing better than a joyful heart as an offering. 

Teach me to walk through the world leaving a mark like You, from the smallest action to the greatest, doing everything with great charity, which is the measure of which You will ask us at sunset. Thank you because the love you have for me becomes in each beat of my heart, a liberation that proclaims your name. 

Stay with me throughout the journey, Lord, and give me the opportunity to fight against adversity with courage and great faith. For you make me strong when I am weak, and if we stand in unity, all adversity is defeated with the right hand of your victory and so I may accomplish all things that are part of your plan my God. 

All honor and my life is for You, in every moment, place and time, because I recognize your undeserved blessing in me and because your goodness is unmatched by any human being. Thank You because You were the only one who did not leave me and looked at me with eyes of love and tenderness, because You are the savior of my life.

Let me see your merciful face Father, in that of my brothers, the co-workers, the humble men who work hard, that I may reaffirm your spirit of charity in every child, in every mother or in every creature clear sample of your wonderful creation, because for me, you have only love and peace. 

All my gratitude is entirely for You Lord, united to my short and long term plans, dispose of them according to your conviction and if it is necessary to change them for my holiness, I am willing to do so. Everything you do for me is for my good, of that I have no doubt my God, keep walking with me please.

May my spirit not be discouraged throughout this day’s journey, help me to grow as a faithful servant in word and example, to serve you and others without expecting anything but your grace. Give me the gifts necessary to find you and share with all, the joy you sow when you are sought and followed.

I am already setting everything in motion my Lord, we remain united in this prayer, take it as a sincere offering. I will strive so that every action, work or word be to your complete liking, may my heart never cease to thank you nor my lips to praise you, I ask it in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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