Morning Prayer for June 17

My beloved Lord, a new dawn has dawned in my life, what joy is mine! Every ray of sunshine, every song of the birds, every embrace of my loved ones, is a new reason to thank You for this great miracle of life. I have been able to wake up with great joy, because you let me rest and regain the strength I asked for in my prayers. 

You are the most important person in this house and in my whole life, help me to increase my faith as the hours and days go by, fan the fire in my heart so that it may burn with love and gratitude towards You. Blessed Father, I want to take advantage of all that You have for me this morning, may no moment escape me, I want to continue loving You, praising You and serving You with fervor.

Fill my being with your presence, enamor me in the contemplation of your creation my Lord. May this day be filled with your peace, your love and your teachings. Tonight I give you all my desires and the goals I wish to set, so that you may be the one to examine them in your divinity and that everything may be accomplished according to your will. 

Today, my heart wants to praise you and adore your name. I want to tell You through my praises, how much I love You and that I want to do everything possible to please You, from the simplest things. I am your instrument, my Lord, teach me how I can take your message of love and hope to all the neediest brothers and sisters in the world, from my place of work to my home.

Thank you very much my God, because you allow this day to be shared with my dear family. Thank you because from the union, from the beautiful bond that we have, we can manifest your presence in our home. 

I thank you my beloved Lord, because you give me the courage I need not to decay, to face the difficulty and because in you I can find the main motivation to do things with real sense, such as work, study or follow you. 

I do not want to forget to pray for my friends in Christ, thank you for the treasure of their lives, because in spite of my defects and my insecurities, they have decided to remain by my side and have done everything possible to bring me closer to You, they have known how to accompany me in my sadness, in my pain and in my moments of success.

Lord of mercy, this morning I also pray that your love renews me day by day, so that my illusions do not wear out because of some disappointment or some bad experience. 

Give me the possibility to live to the fullest every moment of my life that you give me, I want to take advantage of everything with great responsibility and prudence. Guide my mind to be able to decide well and react in the best way. Please do not take your voice or your gaze away from me, I ask you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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