Morning Prayer for June 18

Lord of my life, good morning, in this gift of dawn, I want to raise my soul in prayer to proclaim your divine name and with the confidence that I will be heard. I approach your majestic presence, to thank you from my heart for this new opportunity that you give me to conclude some things that were left yesterday and start from scratch with others.

Thank you my God because I was able to repair my strength through the good dream that you granted me, I was able to discover a hint of the great peace that you have in your arms, my great Father. 

Today I wake up in your presence and I wish to praise you with all my heart, because you are with me at all times, blessed are you Lord, because your mercy and your wisdom are great, because today I can once again strive to achieve my goals.

Beautiful Creator, on this morning, I would like to ask You for the people who are beginning this new day without Your presence, for those who do not take You into account in anything they do, for those who have distanced themselves from You and live with a hopeless heart. 

May your mercy cover us and thus, may our hope remain in each of us until the day when you call us, my God. Do not allow us to fall into the routine that distances us from You, may we always take each day as a different and special one. 

My Lord, I also pray for my family that today will be a day of great benefit. May all the plans they have scheduled be watched over by You. Please take good care of them, may all the decisions they make be very prudent and bring them home safely at the end of their activities.

If they are going through any difficulty, give them the calm they need and the wisdom to act correctly and give a good solution, may they always look to you to listen to you and receive your comfort. Please Lord, I ask you to look kindly upon their lives and do not take into account their faults, let them emerge victorious from every trial in your holy Name.

I now prepare to begin this day, eager to love you more and more. Give me the wisdom to live each moment experiencing Your grace and doing things as You want them to be done, for without love and Your grace I am nothing Lord, no matter how much riches or world fame, there is nothing that compares to Your love. 

Heavenly Father, I offer You my whole day. Be by my side throughout the day and do not let the day end without your protection. If at any time I run out of words to adore You or to express my feelings, may every beat of my heart or every blink of my eyes say that I love You. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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