Morning Prayer for June 19

Almighty God, the night is gone and your light returns to my room, welcoming me to this new day. As my space becomes clearer, my heart is already awake to praise you for all the greatness of your goodness.

I need your courage and strength to stand firm in the face of any adversity that comes my way, thank you because every morning you make me understand how important I am in your eyes, by taking so much care of me and every detail that draws my life. Thank you for the sun, for the air I breathe without complications, for my beautiful family, for my friends and soul brothers, also for the work and studies that form me to face this very competitive reality.

Today I am certain that this new day will be very special, I ask you from my heart to always be my need, do not forsake me Lord. Fill me with enthusiasm and hope, pour out many blessings and your infinite goodness in every corner of my home, but especially to all the people who live in it. 

Touch the hearts of each of my loved ones, dwell in them and turn them into a testimony of your courage, teach us to be revolutionaries of love like you my God. Protect their days, protect them from the evils that always seek to disturb their happiness, keep away the temptations to which they may be exposed.

I ask your protection for this new journey my God, accompany me to undertake all this journey together, may we perceive your love at all times and may it reach directly to every beat of our hearts. 

Thank you for becoming the center of my home, for giving us the joy of knowing you, of experiencing your infinite mercy, for helping us to increase our faith, our union and forgiveness to heal the soul little by little of the differences that may exist between us.

In this simple prayer, I ask you for the prosperity of all my activities and the well-being of my life. May everything I do be as an offering for your altar, I want to live according to your commandments blessed Father, feed me with your word daily, I want to mature in spirit and truth.

Today I am ready to live with great desire to reach your kingdom, because even if I do not know what you want from me, I will follow, for You and I will trust even if I do not know what will be next. Stay close to me, Lord, to enjoy your presence shining like the sun.

Gracious Father, I lay all my plans at your feet, there is no better place. Give me a day filled with your grace and peace to share with all those who seek you. Thank you for your love, for your dawn, for your trust in me, send your Holy Spirit to be my faithful companion, come on Lord, the day is about to begin, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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