Morning Prayer for June 20

My good Lord, the sky clears up with the arrival of the morning and I, I approach You with my heart already awake. I want to thank you for this new dawn, I also want to contemplate your kingdom with my praises and glories to your holy Name, because all the time you are good and the love you give us has no expiration date.

Thank you because you do not let any detail pass me by, for the health you give me to do things better than yesterday. Thank you blessed God, because I have one more chance of life, to love and enjoy my family, my friends and all the moments you have prepared for me.

Thank you for the senses that allow me to contemplate your greatness and the beauty of your simplicity in every landscape, creature and person. On this morning I ask you to grant me peace and may you restore my whole mind and body.

May I always be persevering in my prayer and offering, today I would like you to make me an instrument of yours and make me work from beginning to end. Take my day, my Lord. Today I want to praise You and thank You for this dawn. 

Thank you heavenly Father, because you do not leave me alone, much less forget about this being who loves you, you give me food once again, thank you for the clothes and the roof that make me feel well.

I have much to do Lord, but if things do not go as I expected, I ask you not to discourage my heart. Help me not to despair, to continue trusting in You, that only in You do we find true happiness. Thank you for placing everything in its proper place and in its proper time.

Be the writer of each of our stories, thank You for the daily food that You place with love on my table. Thank you for all my family, for taking care of them. Today I ask you through prayer, to watch over their souls from every danger and every enemy that wants to disturb their lives. Bless the life of each one of them, may they never tire of praying for You, nor of being grateful in good and bad times.

With much fervor I pray for the people who do not know your existence, for those who deny you and have lost faith for moments that have hurt their hearts and have left marks. Help them my God, that their spirits may be covered by your grace so that they may recover their hopes and their hearts may return to you. 

I begin this day under your blessing, I feel excited because of what you have prepared for me. I feel heard this morning my God. Take care of my dreams and my whole life beautiful Father, I pray in the name of Jesus, our great friend, Amen.

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