Morning Prayer for June 21

Wonderful creator, thank you for this radiant welcome that you give me, I want to thank you for this new dawn and for the care you took during my rest. Thank you because I am back on my feet to undertake this new adventure called life, I have more recharged energy to do things better than yesterday.

My Lord, may the strength that you have put in me today, help me to resist throughout the day, in everything that comes, to continue walking on the path of holiness. Let me arrive safely home to continue in your presence.

What better way to illuminate this morning, with praise for your altar dear Father, I praise you in truth and with all my heart, King of kings, because you have time for everyone without exception, and in this you give everything out of love. Blessed and praised be you forever, my God. 

Grant me a warrior’s spirit, ready to fight bravely in the face of all adversities that come my way, secure in the knowledge that you watch my back, my fears are left behind and my soul will glory in your victory. Help me to achieve the goals I have set, as long as they are under your will.

This morning, I would like to ask you for the people who have lost someone very dear to them and words are inconsolable at this time. Embrace them in your compassion and mercy, O God, that in you they may find the comfort their souls need. 

Pour out all your mercy and fill them with hope that they may not desist in moving forward. Let them know the great love you have for them and that they are capable of facing every trial, every adversity if they set their minds to it and include you at all times. In spite of everything, may they recognize you as their Father and the only person who will fill their lives.

Help me Lord, to be able to understand and to let You into my heart all the days of my life, so that I may endure with happiness all that is to come. I also ask you for the health of my dear family, for their illnesses, for their economic problems, for their dreams and projects.

I am ready to begin this day trusting in You, give me the prudence for each moment and the wisdom to give an adequate response. I want to live every second of this day and above all take advantage of it, value it and bear fruit with every blessing.

Do not allow my day to pass without looking to heaven to do things according to your precepts. Watch over my life and the lives of the people I will see today with your protective hand. Please do not leave any moment of my life my God, I need You, to be happy and share your love with all my brothers, I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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