Morning Prayer for June 22

Lord of my heart, with my soul on fire in the whole firmament, I begin this humble prayer. I want to begin by thanking you for the good rest you granted me, because I already feel with renewed energy to walk with you again. 

Thank you for being by my side, blessed God, because your infinite love was the mantle that covered my being during the night and I woke up with the desire to serve you until my last breath. I want to make of my prayer, a harmonious melody for your holy ears dear Father, I want to make of my life an offering for your heaven and to be able to give you back a little of what you do for me.

Today, I would like to ask you in a special way, for that problem that makes me uncomfortable and does not allow me to continue my dreams with peace of mind. Do not let this cause my faith to waver in moments of tense trials. 

I abandon myself to your mercy, my God, so that when the atmosphere becomes turbid, your hand may be manifested to overcome every evil that afflicts us. Give me patience to be able to control my impulses, to be prudent from looking at the one next to me and to know in which direction my paths lead me. 

This morning I ask you for the hearts of those people who suffer for not having a place to live, or what to eat, whether because of family or economic problems. I want to continue in spite of everything, because today I have risen to do things in a better way. Give me the firmness of a stone so that I can keep my feet on the ground and my gaze on the sky.

If during the night, I committed some attitude that is not to your liking, I implore your mercy to heal the heart and then have the courage to start from nothing, thanks to this new opportunity that you give me. Teach me to be humble Lord, to let my brothers correct me and also recognize me as a sinner. Give me a spirit full of enthusiasm to give myself to others without expecting anything at all but your love and grace.

I wish with all my heart, that this day may be very profitable. Hear my requests, gracious God, and increase my courage to face life that is passing so quickly. I want to do my part and wait on You for what is necessary.

If today’s activities go against me, may I not be carried away by anger or perhaps lack of courage. Cheer up my spirit, it needs You Lord, and help me to have patience, to be obedient and faithful to your purposes which are sure and perfect.

I start this day under your protection blessed God, I hope it will be of much productivity and learning. Today I reaffirm my faith, that it may be greater than the difficulty or the problem and so I learn to enjoy every moment of my day, from your sacred hand, in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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