Morning Prayer for June 23

Gracious and beautiful Lord, today I awaken in your presence with the desire to stay close to you and to avert all the evils that would darken my day. Today I want to give You my whole heart in praise and gratitude, with all that I have within my being.

Today I have a heart that beats stronger and longs for the purity that You have Lord, teach me to be like You, a living reflection of your love, a true testimony, to reach the people who walk as dead in life, with nothing to motivate them or make them see that they are your children.

May every word exalt your Name, holy God, because you do wonders where everything seems to be lost, because your favor is selfless, blessed are you King of the universe, in you I can find the best refuge and relief to my sorrows.

Wonderful Father, I want you to know all that I have planned today: dreams, smiles, longings and great goals. I give it all to you most beautiful God, all for your glory and your kingdom, because it belongs to you, because I am yours. 

I also ask you for my home, for the people who live in it, who are the most important in my life. Give them a day full of joy, of great plans and above all, full of You. For those who are near and those who do not have the joy of knowing You yet, it is never too late to return my God. 

Listen to my pleas, please Lord, I need you to accept all my needs and to give us a spirit of constant struggle and joy to carry in our hearts the most infinite love that a human being can have, the value of a child that we have before your kingdom.

If it is not too much to ask, beloved Father, give me much strength for this day that has just begun, to resist the storm, to say no to sin and the courage not to be ashamed of being different from others in following you, that my soul may be proud to have the person who, without expecting anything in return, gave his whole life as the most sublime oblation, for me and for the whole world. Thank you, precious Lord!

Thank you because your goodness knows no restrictions, knows no limits. But it envelops us in such a way that it makes everything beautiful and gives us hope that we still have time to improve things, to save ourselves, to make a world ready to revolve around you.

Heavenly Father, everything is yours, do what you want from me. I surrender to your will, to what you have prepared for me today, I know that you hear my prayer even though sometimes I do not feel you, but I know that you are by my side because that is your promise and I believe you. I give my right foot to this day saying: I love you my God, I hope in you, in Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

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