Morning Prayer for June 24

Lord of my heart, how good it is to be here in your presence to give a good start to this day. Thank you because after the good rest you granted me, I can now begin, with more energy, all the activities I have planned for today. This morning I place everything in your hands, thanking you again for this beautiful gift of life.

All the blessings that you shower on me and on mine, make my heart feel very grateful; because you did not depart from me in the moments when I felt that the night was consuming me with pain and worries. 

Adorable Father, all my life is in You, I ask You to please order my thoughts and fill me with wisdom for a suitable solution to all the adversities that are coming or that I have been carrying for a long time. Please Lord, let this day be a day of much favor with all that I ask of You.

Thank you wonderful God, because you give me the assurance that you walk by my side and accompany me wherever I go with your grace. Today I offer you with much devotion the life of my family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share moments with them, of which many in this world would like to have and cannot obtain this privilege. 

Heal their hearts and this morning, give them the opportunity to successfully accomplish all that they have scheduled for today. Guide them on the path you have lovingly forged for them, that it may lead them to salvation and if trouble comes, help them to emerge victorious. 

Bless me, O blessed God, in this day that is about to begin. You alone know every space of my being, what I know, what I do not understand or what I keep in the deepest recesses of my heart, my sorrows and joys, my dreams and fears. Fill me with much love and peace, to follow in your footsteps, Lord.

Flood my whole life with your Holy Spirit, come dwell in me, in my home, in my family and accompany me the rest of the day because I need you to continue doing things with a clear sense.

I wanted to ask you, my God, for the people who do not have a roof over their heads, who do not have food, for those who are abandoned to their fate, for those who are going through strong economic problems or some illnesses. 

I am sure, dear Father, that today will be a great day, full of many things to learn. Give me the necessary strength to be firm in tense moments, I want to fulfill all my objectives, but if I do not achieve all that I have planned, give me the calm to think that your times are better than mine. Be with me, gracious Father, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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