Morning Prayer for June 25

Blessed Lord, living God of the universe, today is a very special day because I have one more chance of life, I can wake up once again to contemplate your wonderful creation, through all that you give me, from the sky to my loved ones. 

Cover my day with your powerful blessing to start this day very well. Give me the need to seek You daily, to seek You, to pray, to approach Your presence and to be aware of how indispensable You are in my life.

Today I want to know You more, to know if You have the answers to my doubts and to see what Your will requires for my life. As long as you are with me, everything will go well and if there is any inconvenience, with you, everything is remedied. 

Direct all the activities that I have to do with great prudence and wisdom to make the most convenient and correct decisions. Bless my work Lord, my studies and all the places I go or visit today, fill me with health and your fighting spirit so that I can face whatever comes my way with a look of faith.

I also ask you for all my family and friends, that you fill their bodies and minds with health, pour your blessings on all that they plan to do today, that they may live each hour with a clear sense and a constant need for your presence. 

Teach us to forgive at all times, to look and act with humility; to be obedient to your commands and to hope in your promises. Today give us the opportunity to serve you with love and to be a reflection of your mercy, so that we may carry you as a prophet of nations to every corner and space of this world, wherever you send me Lord, and to hearts hungry and thirsty for you.

I want to make myself more available to all that you give me, especially in this new day that is about to begin, flood my life with your love and do not let sadness take power of my heart, do not let it all give way to sin please.

Take my prayer blessed Lord, I raise it to be heard from heaven. Give me the possibility to have a very profitable day. Thank you for the tenderness and fatherly love that you give me, I want to remain there not only today, but until the last day of my existence and I include beyond.

I stand firm in the hope that you will be with me all day long Lord. Watch over my steps and those of my loved ones and may we never forget that everything we have and are, comes from your love and mercy, I begin my day in your presence and in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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