Morning Prayer for June 26

My good beloved Father, the day has just begun with this beautiful sunrise that you painted with much affection. Thank you for this first detail of love. I want you to know that the only thing I want is to find you in the simple, in the beautiful, in the painful that is going to happen. 

Blessed God, I ask you to stay by my side, because being together, things will go well. Even if sometimes I do not feel you, my prayer will continue to be maintained, and even become stronger and stronger, may my eyes never cease to look at your sky to contemplate you and may my heart never cease to be grateful for all the blessings that you grant me.

Give me hunger and thirst for you, my Lord, for your word of peace and your love. Guide all that I have to do this day, give me wisdom and much diligence to solve the problems that lie ahead. Illuminate this day with your radiant sun to be able to follow you on the path that you have forged and help me to achieve all my goals that I have set.

May your Holy Spirit run through my whole being, that with your power I may act in life and in the dreams I want to fulfill. Pour all your love on me and my family, they need you as the oil in the lamps, bless them today and always my God.

Give us the humility that characterizes you to be able to find ourselves as imperfect people but in your love we are willing to improve every day, may your grace strengthen our bonds Lord and that we can be more understanding with each other.

Remind me blessed Father, that no calm sea makes a sailor an expert and that, when the storm comes I may see you walking on the waters, extending your hand to save me and leap in faith into your arms, may all that you do fill me with meaning and motivation so that I may be a good servant, my Lord.

Holy Father, if at any moment doubt comes to my mind, if fear wants to knock at the door of my heart, remind me with some sign, to cry out your name so that You may be the one to enter first and saturate me with all your divinity and drive away everything that becomes like an impediment to be happy.

Give me the confidence dear God, so that I may never get off your boat or let go of your hand. May the moments of happiness make my essence increase for You and others, and the difficult moments make me see that everything that is longed for, requires effort and intelligence to be valued.

I already feel more encouraged to start this day on the right foot, I offer You my whole day together with my life to be managed by You. May it be all your will my Lord, in the name of Jesus living and King, Amen.

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