Morning Prayer for June 27

Beloved Father, very good morning. Thank you for this morning that you let me contemplate and make me feel welcome to this new beginning. I have much to thank you today, first for this miracle of life, you are wonderful my God, because you continue to believe in me, despite my failures, because you look at my darkness to embrace it during the night and not to judge me.

Today, beautiful God, I thank you for this dialogue that we have, for my health, for the work that you give me to be able to put food on my table, because I have a home where I can share with my loved ones and be able to return safely after my work. 

Now be with me, by my side Lord, because I need you to be able to do things with the greater discernment of your Spirit. Today mold my life the way you want, I want to be your instrument to make of your love, the best works to take power with tenderness of my life and my fragile heart.

Lord of my whole life, this morning give me a little of your peace to share with others, in moments of conflict or despair. You are very good Lord, thank you for putting me above all, for loving me without measure or exception.

Teach me to love my enemies or the people who are not very pleasant to me because of some problem or some harm they have done to me. It is very difficult to do so, but with your grace I will be able to approach them in some way. For now I give them to you in prayer, so that someday they may recognize you and go towards the way of your salvation. 

If today things do not go my way successfully, give me a little calm to try them again or to accept your divine will in each of them. Heavenly Father, encourage me in many ways not to give up on your promises and to be obedient to your commands because they are the most good.

Let me give you a flower with my praise Lord, because only you crown yourself as the king of the universe, because your love makes everything beautiful and there is no one like you. Blessed are You forever my God here on earth and in heaven, my heart gives You glory forever.

Thank you blessed Father for all that you do. I ask You in a special way for all the people who have a birthday today. Bless their lives and fill them with much love. Take care also of their projects, the dreams they wish to fulfill, as long as they are under your divine will. 

Thank you for this day that you have prepared for me Lord, I am sure that you hear every word that I raise to your altar. Accompany me to the end and if any danger or temptation arises, hide me under your shadow. All this I ask in the holy name of Jesus your beloved Son, Amen.

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