Morning Prayer for June 29

Father of my heart, this beautiful morning I come before You and looking at the sky my heart exclaims to You: Good morning Lord! Today I give myself to You because I see that with each dawn You give me one more reason to be Your child and the possibility of being a new light for my brothers and sisters.

I want to thank You because day by day You show that I am the most important thing for You, You help me to wake up with joy, after having given me a good rest. Thank You for replenishing my energies in time, so that today I can live this new opportunity and reach every corner as the sunlight in my home. 

Dear God, you are the most beautiful, words would be lacking to express that all my life is in you, along with my dreams, what I am and what I hope to be in the future, are in your person, Holy God. You are the most important thing in my existence, I ask you to increase my faith day by day and light the fire of my bonfire with your Holy Spirit so that I do not waste every moment of this morning.

I desire to be able to serve you more and more and to fight with the courage that you want me to put to all the vicissitudes. Fill my heart with You my God, because from the moment I open my eyes, I can see You in everything You create, make me fall in love with Your wonders Lord, do not let my attention be lost from You.

I take advantage of this morning to tell You once again that I love You with all my strength and I would like to please You with my actions. If You will it so, give me the opportunity to be a messenger of Yours, so that I may fill the most needy hearts with Your presence. 

Thank you very much my God, because your care and protection has remained in my home until today, stay close to the hearts of those I love the most Lord, they need a lot from You, although sometimes they don’t express it.

I begin by filling my bag with my dreams, my thoughts and fears, to place it at your feet, so that you may make of them, only your blessed will. Help me to achieve my goals without losing sight of you as the main focus of my existence.

This morning I ask you to help me to become a new man through your grace. Enlighten my every step and lead me where my brothers and sisters need to live in your love. I give you my time so that you may adapt it to all that I have to do, so that everything may be fruitful and for your glory always, my God.

Give me the possibility to enjoy every second of this day. I want to take advantage of everything with prudence and great responsibility. Guide my mind to know how to choose the right people and solutions for every problem that may arise, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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