Morning Prayer for June 30

Lord of my life, this morning I began my soul to pray and on my knees, I would like once again to thank you for all the love that you instill in this world, despite the bad things we do every day. Thank you for this dawn where my eyes contemplate you and the air travels again through my whole being.

This morning, fill all the emptiness in my heart with your company, just as you were with me the night before so that I could rest calmly and replenish my body with energy, to do all the things that will lead me to all my goals.

I thank you, because your mercy has no limits and because in comparison to my failures, they are minuscule. Enlarge my soul before your presence blessed Father, and draw in this new dawn, new smiles, joys and experiences that will drive me at all times to be a grateful son.

I want you to know that this morning I need you, your majestic goodness, so that all my plans may be on the right path. Illuminate with the rays of the sun this new road to holiness that you have prepared, where love, mercy and peace will be the main protagonists.

Beautiful Lord, thank you for the talents and gifts that you give me to discover more of you within them. Teach me to be an instrument of your love once again, so that my life may be a living testimony of your word. Grant me the good sense and wisdom to give favorable solutions in the face of difficulty.

Look carefully at every step I may take and enfold me in your love Lord, that all my actions may be well-intentioned and ultimately pleasing in your kingdom. 

Allow me to enjoy calmly, all the moments that I can share with my family and the people I love most in this world. And that from each moment lived, I may take a lesson to polish the essence of my personality and my spirit. 

Grant me, O Father, your divine patience, so that I may not despair and take calmly all the things that come from your hand, because your logic is always different from ours. May I understand to the end, that your will comes first, before any desire one may have, for you make all things good Lord and my life once again is yours, here and now.

Holy Father, King of the universe, receive this prayer with all that You put in me, with my desire to keep fighting, with my fears and all my miseries. Give me a day very blessed and full of You, to go with the full assurance that You pay attention to me and deliver me from evil, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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