Morning prayer for December 7

I thank you, blessed Father, for the new day that you allow me to live. Thank you for giving me the health I need to start my work and for guiding my steps on the path of justice. Give me a day full of opportunities that bring me a little closer to fulfilling my wishes.

On this beautiful morning I want to thank you for the family I have. Thank you because at no time do you abandon them and because you are aware of what they need to live. I ask you to cleanse their hearts of the evils that may accumulate and that you believe in them the need to continually seek you to achieve the happiness and peace that they so long for.

Protect us, guide us, enlighten us with your resplendent spirit, that we do not forget that we have everything thanks to You. That we do everything by your will and that everything we have planned will be realized because You will allow it. Heavenly Father, grant us what our hearts seek.

I want to ask you, precious Lord, to guide my steps along the path of good, to protect me and free me from the evils that may await me when I leave home, to cover me with your protective mantle so as not to fall into the temptations of the enemy. Blessed God, may your love abound when darkness wants to take over my life.

I will take advantage of the shining sun that you place in your firmament to praise you and bless you, so that my words become sweet melodies when they reach your ears and extol your holy Name. I thank you, this morning, because I am entirely happy to know that you are the only ruler of my life, eternal God.

I thank you, my beloved king, because you are always aware of what I need, you always take care of my decisions and put the right people to give me the messages you want me to hear. Lord, everything you do is perfect and I fully trust your designs. Give me the strength and humility to accept your will and know that everything is under your control.

Every day, allow me to get closer to You, blessed Father, allow me to open my heart to understand what plans You have for my life. Give me the hope and faith that I am losing by observing the evils of this world, and thus be able to take that illusion and confidence and give it to the people who need it.

Lord of hosts, I have rested my body and mind. I feel ready and prepared to face the trials that will be presented to me today, grant me victory in each one of them for the glory of your holy and powerful name.

I will start my day with a big happy smile, because I know that my prayers are being heard and that my faith is entirely in You. I know that the day will be very profitable for me and that you will grant me the wishes that are in my heart. All this I ask in the powerful name of our Lord Jesus, the only King of love and my life, Amen.

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