Morning prayer for December 8

Thank you God the Father for granting me one more day of life under your gaze. This morning I just want to thank you for placing countless blessings in my life. Thank you because your presence has been in my heart since the beginning of the day and accompanies me in all the moments that you give me.

I just want to be grateful and give You words of praise, beloved Father, because thanks to You all the fears in my life have disappeared. Thanks to You I can understand that service is a fundamental part of my life and because you have become the basis solid where I can build my home and my faith.

Almighty God, if your presence is in my life there will be no evil that can break me, there will be no one against me. Thank you that you are a just, loving and kind Father who fills my days with your peace and joy. My Lord, stay in the center of my home to daily strengthen your spirit.

This morning I want to ask you for my family, so that you protect the path they are going to take to their jobs, to their studies or to the destinations that you have to reach. Precious Lord, be vigilant when they need you, become their joys for their good times and their consolation when the trials are greater than their strength.

Do not abandon them for a moment and remind them that the only truth and happiness is following you. Make our prayer strong and constant. Increase our spirits and our faith, enlightening us with your resplendent presence so that our actions please You and we obtain more blessings from you, my beloved Lord.

Almighty Lord, fill me with faith and joy, with confidence and hope to put all my projects in your holy and venerable hands. Don´t let me walk in the desert of life, keep your eyes on me in moments of desolation and give me victory in these moments.

If during the day things don’t go the way I hope, give me the patience and wisdom to understand that there will always be something more to your plan. Give me the need of You, majestic Lord, to constantly seek You, to be useful to You as a true servant of your kingdom.

My God, help me to carry your message of love to people who go around the world without knowing you exist, to those who have suffered disappointments and to those who have no hope. May it be an instrument to show them your peace and your love, so that they understand that the happiness they long for can only come from You.

Heavenly Father, grant me to live a day full of your blessings and help me to live it with great joy. Help me stand up if I fall into any test. I thank you because I know that you have prepared this day especially for me and I am about to start it with great joy and enthusiasm. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, the only truth in the world, Amen.

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