Morning prayer for December 9

My Lord, a new day begins for me and my heart is happy to know that since the sun appears in your sky, You are present. Thank you because I can wake up in good health and because I will prepare to carry out my usual activities with great enthusiasm and joy.

Eternal Lord of heaven, I want to ask you this morning for all the tasks and activities that I have to do. I want to put them in your hands so that under your blessing they can be carried out in the best way and that they serve for the benefit of those who need it. 

Give me the clarity necessary to place my skills and experiences at the service of my job. How nice it is to wake up, to open my eyes to find all the perfect things of your creation. Thank you because I have had a rest that restored my energy and because I have a new opportunity to share many moments with the people I love. 

Thank you for taking care of my dreams in the night that has already passed. Heavenly Father, this day I want to ask you for my family, for all their activities, for their jobs, their studies, for their lives and their hearts. Keep this day close to them and take care of the decisions they can make so that they are of great favor to their lives. 

Become the path they should take and the center of their lives. Guide us on the right path and allow us to sustain our home, help us to recognize your face in the most needy people in the world. May we be the servants you need for your work of love and hope.

King of the Universe, your grace surrounds my whole heart. I also want to ask You for those who are far from You, who experience moments of anguish, conflict or hopelessness, so that you are the one who puts the calm and peace that they need to achieve.

Blessed Lord, you know every part of my being, make your presence much stronger in times of temptation, attack and weakness. Remove from my life all feelings that can make me fall into sin and can affect my life. Allow me to wane and decay in pride so that You are the one who grows and remains forever.

I will live this day with great enthusiasm and joy, always giving my best in every moment, persevering and praying, placing my life in your hands and obeying your commands, precious Lord. May your peace and mercy help me to be humble and helpful every moment of the day.

Thank you, blessed Father, because I am sure that you listened to everything I have asked of you. Walk by my side the rest of the day and do not abandon me at any time. Give me the necessary wisdom to choose the favorite options for my life. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, Your Son, the true way of truth and life, Amen.

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