Morning prayer for December 10

Eternal God the Father, the night has come to an end, the sky has your radiant sun and I wake up eager to live what you have prepared for me today. I thank you on my knees for your infinite goodness and because your love is incomparable in giving me one more opportunity to live.

Thank you Dear Lord, for this new awakening, thank you for the beautiful miracle of life, because I wake up in good health, because you allow the air to fill my lungs to live. God the Father, thank you for filling my life with your beautiful blessings, because you only leave me room to praise you, to bless you and to proclaim to the world your incomparable love for all of us.

Beautiful Lord, I feel the happiest man on earth having the certainty that your presence and your love are constantly with me. Because by being by my side, I don’t feel any fear, by being by my side everything becomes much easier, by being by my side I have nothing or nobody against me. Blessed Father, stay with me for the rest of the day.

Almighty God, I place this day entirely in your hands. Lead and protect my life, the life of my family, give prosperity and abundance to my work so that I can get everything I need to live with peace of mind. Lord, I ask you that material things are not an obsession but a necessity, so that when abundance arrives I do not forget that everything was by your grace, Holy God.

Lord, I ask you for a lot of strength and courage to face the moments that turn difficult, I ask you to keep my faith firm and not to fade easily. 

Give me a fighting spirit so we can lose heart and not let ourselves be defeated. During this day, protect me and take care of me, become my shield freeing me from all injustices, lies and temptations of the enemy that are presented as good things but are not. Help me, almighty God, to recognize the actions that please you to perform them.

My God, I put my whole life under your control, under your words and your commands. You know perfectly all my strengths and my fears. You know what I need before my lips speak it and I trust that You will grant me everything I desire, beautiful Father.

Help me to improve in my spirituality and to pray more often, communicating with you and being able to understand what you need from me. Use me as an instrument to carry your messages to people who do not have the opportunity to know You and who can understand that You are the center of their lives and the reason for all their blessings.

Dear Lord, I wake up and I am about to start the day accompanied by your presence. I will begin to live with great enthusiasm, with great faith and with great hope without fear of uncertainty and with great confidence in your plans. All this I ask in the name of your son Jesus, our only Lord and Savior, Amen.

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