Morning Prayer for November 2

Wonderful Lord, today I appear before You in this beautiful morning, with a heart full of rejoicing, because your mercy is great with this son of yours and you allow me to open my eyes in a new dawn. Thank you, my holy God, because you give me the gift of life, because with this day you give me new hope and because you allow me to see your work in your majestic creation.

Today I wake up happy, my Lord, not because I do not have problems, but rather, because I am sure that You know them and take them to be solved according to your will, in your perfect times and not in mine. Thank you, God, of goodness, because You take pity on me and allow me to move forward without fear.

Blessed Lord, on this day I want to put my life in your powerful hands so that it is You who guides my steps on the right path. Renew my hopes, Lord, and help me make my dreams come true. You are the only one capable of making everything possible, that is why I entrust myself to You, my beloved God because You are the only truth.

Every day is full of trials, obstacles, and unforeseen situations that can make me hesitate, Lord. That is why on this day I declare that I will be victorious in every battle, because You, my incomparable God, lift me up with Your strong right hand, because You, the King of Kings, is walking with me in the midst of the storm.

On this day I want to praise and bless your greatness, Lord, because there is no one like You who can make the impossible possible. I bless you Lord, and I proclaim the wonders that you have done, do, and will continue to do in my life. Glory be to your name! Honor be for You alone, Lord of Lords!

Please, I ask you, my beloved God, to take me by the hand and lead me along paths of well-being, good health, and prosperity. May everything I do maybe anointed by your light, my beloved Lord, so that it bears good fruit and that it be of benefit to me and all mine

Give me clarity in my thoughts, Lord, to make precise and necessary decisions in my work, at home, and in each of the environments in which I operate, my God. May all my actions reflect your love and mercy, may I be compassionate to my neighbor, and may my words be full of that wisdom that only comes from You, beloved Father.

Renew my heart, Lord, and change in me everything that must be changed. Accompany me throughout this day to all the places where I must go and guard me against all dangers and snares of the enemy. Destroy every spirit of malice and lead me, God of love, from the temptations that can make me fall into a deep and dead end.

I beg You to enlighten my house with your light, my unfading God, come by my home and stay with me and all mine throughout this day, because we do not know what awaits us, but I have the confidence that You will not let go of me not for a single moment, my Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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