Morning Prayer for November 3

Dear Lord, today I approach You with only one word in my heart: THANK YOU. Thank you, my adored Lord, for allowing me to live one more day in your presence, thank you that your love and your mercy spill over my life without limits. Thank you because you clarify my doubts when I am confused. You give me strength when I am sad. You give me the hope of knowing that you will always be by my side.

Thank you, my incomparable God, because this morning I can feel all your graces and blessings because I realize how fortunate I am to know that I am your son because You take care of me from all evils, protect me from the dangers of the world and you favor with those things that I need so much.

As I am not going to thank You, heavenly Father, if You are the captain of my boat.  Because You direct my course against thick and thin, you appease the anger of the sea of ​​problems that sometimes overtake me. You calm the storm when I feel that already I can not anymore.

Thank you, blessed and eternal God, because only with You can I be happy. Today I want to proclaim your greatness and I have only words of joy and praise for you because you are incomparable. After all, you are so good and merciful, that even when I go through different problems, I can feel your love comforting me.

Be my guide and my constant company today, my Lord, and above all, may your will always be done. Everything that I am going to do today, I leave it in your hands, be it my household chores, my work, my studies, my family, friends, and all my loved ones, please bless them.

And if at any moment of this day, my Lord, my strength is lost, come and comfort me. Place in me that desire to get ahead, that enthusiasm to live a day full of your love, that I can be optimistic and leave negative thoughts behind, because I want to be free to be able to believe and have the conviction, that You go ahead of me, as a protective shield from all evil and injustice.

Take care of me and everyone I love, from all the evil that happens in the world, Lord. Do not allow us to be harmed, scammed, or abused, take our lives in your holy hands and keep us as those children of yours that we are.

On this day, victorious God, I also want to ask you, with great faith and hope, for all those people who do not know you and for those who do not want to; for those who live without faith, in the midst of problems and addictions, those who suffer physical or mental illnesses, for the victims of violence and therefore your child who is in the world without feeling your love, Lord, embrace them and help them to return to You, merciful Father.

Thank you, once again my God, for being with me and for hearing these sincere pleas. Please, Lord, take my prayer and help me to continue to trust your promises. Take care of my house, my family and take care of their needs, because I am sure that You will always help us to get ahead, in the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

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