Morning Prayer for November 4

Loving Lord, a new day begins, the sun is placed in the highest of the skies to illuminate this day that is beginning. I ask you not to take your protective gaze from me, my God, to be my guide and the conductor of my life, because today, as always, I need you with me every second.

I thank you because I have woken up enjoying good health, because I feel your presence at every moment of the day. You are a good and merciful God, you do not consider my mistakes and you always give me an opportunity to improve. This day, I ask you, Lord, that it continues to be like this and that your company does not leave my side.

This morning, God of my life, I put all my plans in your name so that it is You who can give him the best horizon and that you can carry them out in my favor. My God, take into account all the requests that I make of you from my heart because I know that You listen to me and you will help me fulfill my wishes.

Good Father, increase my faith every day, for the vicissitudes of life wear it down and the temptations make it weaken. Help me to be faithful in the little to reach your grace, give me the strength I need to overcome adversity and overcome the tests that are presented to me today.

If things do not go as I expect them and if the results that I wanted are not given, give me the peace of mind and calm to understand that there are many other plans for me and that you will grant me what I ask when you believe it is convenient, when I need it and not before. Your times are perfect, God bless, don’t let me despair.

Thank you, Lord, because I can wake up and meet my family because they always remind me how great your love is, how great your goodness is towards me. Thank you for your lives, for your service, and your actions, my God. Give them a very useful day and help them find you and get to know you more every day.

I ask you in a special way for people who are going through moments of great anguish and great concern. For those who are experiencing strong physical illnesses and for those who have illnesses of the soul, be their doctor and relieve their pains, cleanse their hearts and remove from them all the evil that happens to them.

God of mercy, hear my prayer and grant me the peace that I ask of you for today. You who are pure goodness, make me an instrument to reflect your love to the world. You who are eternal compassion, help me to always forgive those who offend me. You who are power without measure, help me always to overcome the tests that the day places on me.

I thank you again for the day you gave me and now I am about to start it by asking you for the good sense to know how to live it, that my actions are to your liking and that I can always reflect your love with my behavior. Make me a better servant of yours day by day. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, and our Lord, Amen.

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