Morning Prayer for November 5

Holy Lord, my eyes open to contemplate a sunrise full of hope, I can breathe the air that you give me with your breath of life and I am about to start the day trusting that you will take me by the hand and will not let go of me in any moment of the day. Thank you for being a loving and faithful Father, dear Lord, thank you for being my refuge at all times.

I just want to thank you because you show me your infinite love daily in the wonderful blessings that you place in my path. You are always aware of my steps and my wishes. Help me to be able to reach them one by one, give me the happiness of being able to feel like a child of yours, very blessed and loved. Stay close always, Father, because without You I could not continue.

In this morning that begins, I want you to take control of my whole life, Lord, take my joys, my sorrows, my strengths, and my weaknesses so that you can be the wise leader and help me make the best decisions that can have a favor for mine. I offer you my bad moments so that you can alleviate them with your infinite love and with your incomparable mercy, help me to make this difficult life more bearable.

Do not allow sadness to be stronger than me, God of my life. If I have a problem to solve or an adverse situation to face, give me calm to be able to get out of that moment, give me the wisdom not to fall into trials, and give me the courage to know that if you are by my side, I can achieve everything.

My father always reminds me to thank you, do not allow me to believe that I do not need you. Lead me on the path of righteousness and make me achieve the things I long for. If my plans don’t go the way I hope, give me the peace of mind that I may not need them yet. Help me to understand that You have an important plan for me and that You will deliver what I ask for in due time. Lord God, always give me need of You, be essential in my life, like the air to breathe.

This morning I also thank you for the blessing of my family. Thank you because I can wake up to share moments with them, moments that brighten my life, and moments where you put our union and our love to the test. I thank you because you always put food on our tables and because you give me a roof to take shelter. Infinite thanks, O my good Lord, because your mercy and kindness constantly remind us that we are the most important thing to You.

Lord of mercy, I ask you for the people who are living in darkness, far from your light. Allow them to meet you and to be able to feel your presence in the good and bad things in life. Give them strength to get out of their problems and give them your love to comfort their soul.

On this beautiful morning I ask you to alleviate my sorrow, the worries that I may have and the sadness that my heart keeps. Help me to forgive, my God, to forget the evil that they could do to me and to be an instrument of your peace. Give me the love you have to know how to forgive and love my brother.

Lord God, I thank you that I know that you hear my prayers and hear this humble prayer. Help me have a day full of blessings and with lots of courage to live it. All this I ask of you through the intercession of your Son Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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