Morning Prayer for November 6

Divine Lord, the sun’s rays fall on my window, as a sign that a new day has begun. I stand up and I can only thank you, blessed Father, because you have had mercy on me, you have taken care of me during the night and now you give me a new day full of opportunities to fulfill all my dreams and my desires.

It is morning and I look up to heaven to thank you, dear Lord, for allowing me to be alive, to wake up with the people I love and to be able to start my day holding your hand. Even in the silence of the morning that just rises, I want to ask you to infuse me with your peace, to act serene in these violent times and strength, so that the spirit that dwells within me, burns with your love.

Today I prepare myself before You, my beloved Father, to entrust to You my life and each of the activities that I will carry out today. Please take all my efforts and anoint them with your power, walk with me Lord and help me to fulfill all my obligations with enthusiasm, optimism and thinking that everything will be for a better life.

I trust You, God of my life, and I trust that You take my sacrifice, my work and what I offer You with my heart. I want to walk along paths of happiness, happiness and much prosperity, dear Father. May abundance come to my life and that of my family, for we need your blessing.

I ask you that on this day, glorious Lord, you are the one who accompanies me to all the places where I go. Take care of me in the face of the dangers of the world, keep me from hatred and evil and that resentment has no place in my life, dear Lord. Help me to know how to recognize the false friend and to keep those loyal friends who accompany me through thick and thin.

I want to be, on this day my adored God, an instrument of your peace. Use me, my God, as that utensil of love that comes from You. May I have sweet words with my brothers, may they feel your love through me. Help me, wonderful Lord and accompany me wherever I go.

On this day too, incomparable Lord, I want to ask You to be the one who provides the material, spiritual and emotional needs of my home. Please put the food on my table through a job that brings sustenance to my house, draw us closer to You so that we can be under your divine protection and unite us with your unbreakable ties of love, to be a true family.

Only You know my burdens, my doubts, my fears, that is why I also ask You, in this beautiful day that has just begun, Lord, to help me out all fear aside and make me brave to face this day without fear, willing to fight fairly for my ideals and to do my best to get ahead.

I am sure that it will be so because You are with me. Protect me from all evil and allow me to return home safely. Stay with me throughout the hours, minutes and seconds of this your day and guide my steps to find the right path to true happiness. All this I ask and I thank you in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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