Morning Prayer for November 7

Kind Lord, one more day comes into my life with the happiness and joy of knowing that I am blessed by You. How great and good is your mercy towards your children, my God, because after a night with your company. I open my eyes and I see the most precious gift that you could give me in front of me: life in this new dawn. Thank you, blessed Father, for your love, for your grace, and because in these moments you take my prayer.

I don’t want to start any of my activities this day, Lord, without putting myself in your presence, because you are my Father and I need to talk to You, I need to tell You my concerns and leave everything in Your hands, because my burdens and anguish are also yours.  I give you my heart today, heavenly Father so that You can work in Him and do it according to your will.

I also want to take advantage of this prayer, God of my life, to thank you for your company and protection during the night. Thank you, my beloved Lord, because you allow me to have a roof that protects me from the cold because you allow me to have food on my table and shelter over my body. Thank you, my beautiful Lord, because although I do not have economic greatness, I have what is just and necessary to live and be happy.

Thank you also, holy and perfect Lord, for the lives of my relatives, friends, and all my loved ones, even those who, for work reasons or different reasons, are far from home, please join us from a distance with your ties Unbreakable with love and understanding, so that together, each one from their respective reality, we can move forward without fear, convinced that You are by our side.

In a very special way, my beautiful God, on this day I want to ask you to take the health of all those people who at this moment are cracked by an illness, by my sick relatives and by all those around me, please blessed Lord, Lay your merciful and powerful hand on them, on their pain and heal them, good Father, take them according to your will.

You are the doctor par excellence, blessed Lord, my hopes and the hopes of each of your children are placed on You and I am convinced that you will not leave us alone, even if the disease increases, even if the pain is very strong, I know that Only You can give us the true peace that we long for and we trust that you will act in your own time and following your designs.

From now on I want to thank you, loving Father, for my life and the lives of all the people you are touching through my prayer. Thank you, wonderful Lord, because on this day your light will shine on me and all mine. I want to praise you with all my heart, exalt your name and proclaim your greatness, because there is no name above your name because you are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Accompany me my God throughout this day, guide me in the activities that I carry out, open doors, and create paths where there are only obstacles, my Lord. Erase from my heart all traces of resentment, hatred, and lack of love and put understanding, joy and above all, love in their place. I put my whole life in your hands because I know that there is no better place where I can abandon myself.

Take care of the dangers that I may face today, my good Lord, take me home safely so that I can reconnect with the people I love and thus be able to share a pleasant moment. Thank you for listening to me, Lord, and thank you, because I know that you not only listen but also act. All this I ask and thank you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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