Morning Prayer for November 8

Precious and adored Lord, how beautiful it is to be able to have the fortune to wake up this morning, look around me and realize that You have blessed me with a new day, with one more day to enjoy your creation and all those blessings that You have prepared for me. My heart is totally grateful, for there is no greater love than yours, Lord.

First of all, Heavenly Father, I want to thank you because you allow me to be alive, you allow me to breathe, smile, love, and you are next to me on this day that is just beginning to tell me: “Courage, I am with you!” Thank you for such a detail of love, thank you for fixing your gaze on me and covering me with your protective mantle.

I want to take advantage of these moments, glorious Lord, to thank You for providing my table, for not letting me sleep hungry, and for allowing me to offer food to my family. Thank you for the daily support that you give me because although sometimes the situation is very difficult, You never let go of us or leave us alone.

My beloved God, You are the only one who knows everything about me, because I cannot hide anything from you, you know everything and you know everything about me, that is why I ask you on this beautiful day when the sun shines, that take the needs of my heart, each and every one of them, even the smallest, and provide them according to your will, my beautiful God. Help me, please, satisfy my need and lead me on paths of abundance and happiness.

I want to live this day trusting in your mercy, Lord, that is why in these moments I completely abandon myself at your feet, because it is the place where I belong. I humble myself before You, blessed Lord so that You are the one who lifts me up, who takes each of my burdens and makes me live my life with optimism and enthusiasm, eager to achieve my goals and preserve your victories.

I ask You, O my Lord, to fill my mind with wisdom to act intelligently in the different situations of my life, fill my heart with love to be able to love myself and to be able to love those around me and fill my soul with illusion and hope to live to trust in You and only in You, perpetual and wonderful Lord, King of the entire universe.

Take my word, Lord, my studies and each of my chores and activities on this day and bless them, good Father, so that they bear fruit in your Holy Name. Accompany me to all the places where I go and keep me from envy, resentment, and those evil intentions of the enemy that want to harm me.

Guard my thoughts of pessimistic and fatalistic ideas, Lord, for I just want to be confident in your power. Help me to get ahead with optimism, because where you are, I am convinced, nothing is needed. May everything I do on this day be edifying both for me and for my neighbor, be my compass when I find myself lost, disoriented, and straighten my steps along the right paths, full of your love and mercy, Lord.

That today nothing and no one can harm my faith, my God, because I want to live this day trusting that You, my beloved Lord, go with me, like that faithful friend who never abandons. I stay with you, God of my life, thanking You once again for listening to my prayer and for each of the things that You have done, do, and will continue to do in my day today, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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