Morning Prayer for November 10

Blessed Lord, the morning cannot begin without my not thanking you for the many blessings that you put in my life. How not to adore and praise you when you are the only real love for me. Thank you because you give me everything I need to live and be happy.

On this day, protect me from all the fears that keep me from your love, from the temptations that can make me fall into trials, and from the bad thoughts that do not come from You. Give me the courage I need to face my worries and be able to emerge victorious from the battles of life.

Thank you, Oh Lord, because you are waiting for my prayers. You know what I need before my lips pronounce it and you give it to me at the moment that you think is convenient. Your times are perfect and your plans are the best. Make my love for You stand firm, grow more, and do not waver before difficulties.

Heavenly Father, I want to ask you on this day for the difficulties that the world is going through for people who focus on the material and forget about serving their neighbor. I beg you for those who live their routine in such a way that they end up being indifferent to others.  I ask you for their lives so that they become aware of it and can return to your path.

Good God, this time I want to ask you about my family, my family and my friends. Grant them the grace to be able to share a happy and smooth day, increase their tolerance and increase their faith in You. Help them in difficult moments so that they can see you as the only option to fill their lives with peace and joy.

Stay with us all the time and don’t abandon us. Place a plate of food on our table at all times to regain our strength and nourish our bodies. Let us be in good health and shelter us under one roof.

Adored Father, this morning, I praise you with all my heart and all my strength. I want to tell you that you are worthy of all honor and glory because wonderful are your works and the blessings that you have for me. Almighty and everlasting God, my humble being rejoices in your awesome power and infinite mercy.

Happiness is great knowing that if you are with me, nothing can defeat me on this day. Lead and guide my steps on your good path, keeping all kinds of evil from me. Take care of my mind and my soul so that my body is a temple that reflects your love for the world.

Now I am about to start my day with great enthusiasm. Walk on my side, Blessed Lord, don’t let us forget you. All this I ask in the name of our Savior, Jesus. Amen.

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