Morning Prayer for November 11

Dear Lord, how great is your mercy and your goodness with your children, with your creatures and with all your creation, that you allow the sun to shine in a new day, the birds sing at dawn and this, your son, open your eyes and see the light of your precious sunrise. How sweet is your love, my Lord, and how good it feels to know that You are by my side on this new day.

It is really beautiful to know that you are protected by You, Lord of Lords because thanks to your mercy I can witness your great love that is manifested in all of us who believe in You. Thank you, good Father, for taking care of me throughout the night, because I can have a home, the warmth of my family, and the health you give me.

I want to give myself to You on this day, wonderful God so that You are the one who renews my strength, my heart, and my desire to get ahead. Transform in me, blessed Lord, what must be transformed.

I want to ask you in a very special way, incomparable Lord, that you help me to carry out all the activities that I have pending for today, either at home or away from it, accompany me and take me with good to each of my destinations, help me to fulfill everything that I propose and if I have something unforeseen, help me to overcome it, Lord.

May I make the plans You have for me come true, Lord, and may I fulfill all my responsibilities well and exceed my expectations. Put in me everything necessary to be able to get ahead; give me discernment, wisdom, intelligence and help me make the right decisions on the path of my life.

Merciful Lord, I also ask you with all my heart in these moments, that you take my life together with my family in your hands, please fill us with love and unite us with ties that do not break. Please help us to resolve our differences because although we are not perfect, I ask you to help us achieve the peace we need in our lives.

Provide our needs, my Lord, please, so that we do not lack what to eat, what to wear, and the necessary means to continue fighting for our dreams. Illuminate the path that leads to abundance, prosperity, and success.

Do not allow me on this day to let myself be overwhelmed by the problems that are never lacking, Lord, because You know everything and You allow difficulties so that later we can emerge triumphant, holding your victorious hands.

God of my life, I stay with you on this day knowing that you have heard my prayer and always keeping in mind that you are by my side. Please protect me from all the dangers that surround me and keep me under your protection, free me from evil, and that everything I have planned for today goes according to your will. I beg you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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