Morning Prayer for November 12

Merciful Lord, a new day has come into my life and I thank you because you allow me to be alive today, to be able to breathe, to see my family and all my loved ones. Thank you very much because you are with me, because you have taken care of me during the night and because you always give me a new reason to praise and bless your name.

I want to start this day by leaving everything in your hands, dear Lord, because I know that there is no better place than to leave my things with you. My heart fills with joy, faith, and enthusiasm because this day that rises, helps me to walk with you, to keep my gaze fixed on you, and not to move away from your side.

With all my heart, Heavenly Father, on this beautiful morning I want to ask You to be the one to illuminate my path and guide my steps along the paths of success, along the paths of love, respect, and abundance. This day will be full of opportunities, which I will take advantage of without fear because I am sure that You are by my side.

Today I wake up with a spirit of courage and not fear, my Lord, with a grateful heart for your different actions in my daily walk. Thank you because with you everything is possible because You allow me to dream big and although sometimes there are difficulties, I also know my Lord that everything is part of the perfect plan that You have for my life.

Help me to understand your designs on this day, my Lord, to face adversity when it appears on my route because although I am determined to fight for my ideals, many times the enemy takes advantage of my weaknesses.

Blessed Lord, may You be my constant company during this day, wherever I go, wherever I am, please be my bulwark, my protector, and that guide that I need so as not to fall into perdition.

I want to offer my best for your praise, for your glory, and your greatness. I know that you love me and that fills me with great joy. May this day, holy God, have many blessings and grace, may my prayer draw me closer and closer to You and thus be able to feel your presence deep within my soul and heart.

I ask you for my family, for the inconveniences that we go through, for the hard times that we have to face, and for the grudges that we must eradicate from our hearts. Grant them a day full of favor and much prosperity.

Holy God, now I am about to start this day, full of spirits and many illusions. Do not let go of my hand on the path that I must take, be my support and the refuge where I go if there are difficulties. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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