Morning Prayer for December 11

Divine Lord, I appear before You on this new day. I wake up with a lot of faith and joy just to praise you and bless your name. In this new beginning, I want to glorify you and recognize you as the supreme creator of the Earth.I want to thank you for your infinite kindness and paternal tenderness. Blessed are you forever, my good lord.

How beautiful it is to wake up day by day and contemplate your great creation. Feel your divine presence giving me blessings. You brighten my life and wrap my heart with your love, reminding me that all the gifts I have been given by your Holy Will, Blessed God.

Father of goodness, I want to ask you to prepare my heart and my faith to withstand the trials that come on this day. Do not leave me, because your presence gives me the courage and strength to continue. Bless my path and watch my steps so as not to get lost in this world that is increasingly far from You.

I want to ask you, in this prayer, mercy for the people who live far from your presence, for those who have suffered some disappointment and live with a lot of resistance and suspicion in their hearts.For those who lost their trust in You, Lord, for having suffered great. Help them so that they can repent of their determinations and return to the only path of truth that is you.

Thank you for your friendship and your incomparable love, God of love. I put all my plans and projects at your disposal so that you take into consideration what I need and grant me the possibility that they are fulfilled one by one as you see fit. Only You know what is best for me and what outcome my plans will have.

Divine Father, illuminate my paths today, help me decide which paths to take and which options to choose to have favor. Fill me with your holy spirit so that I can face the difficulties that the day may present. Give me the necessary wisdom to be able to help my brothers with just decisions and Solomonic solutions.

Remove from my life all kinds of malicious feelings, prevent me from falling into comments to harm my brothers, free me from the dangers that can exist outside. Don’t let envy, selfishness, or vanity take hold of me and take me away from your presence.

Take care, Lord, on this day for my family, they are a very important part of me. Protect their lives, their hearts and take care of the path they must take to reach the destinations they plan. Remove all evil from them and repel the temptations of the enemy. Become protector and guardian of their lives.

I want to thank you because I am fully certain that my prayer is being heard. Thank you for being my strength to start the days, I can feel that I always walk in your presence. Now I am about to have a very rewarding and blessed day.

All this I ask in the holy name of Jesus, your Son, Amen.

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