Morning Prayer for November 13

My God, thank you for allowing me to see this new sunrise and for granting me this new opportunity to enjoy your blessings. Today I have awakened with great joy and am eager to get closer to You, day by day. I want to learn to see through your eyes so that I can find the best of my brothers.

Thank you, Lord, because I wake up refreshed and full of many energies. Gone is the night and now I am about to start my day with the hope that my day will be profitable fulfilling the goals I have planned for today.

Owner of my life, Lord of mercy and King of my heart, may it not be me who lives today but maybe a reflection of your love. Use me as an instrument to carry the message of salvation and the coming of your kingdom to people who need it, to those who do not know you, and to those who live behind your back.

Heavenly Father, this morning I want to ask you about my work life, grant me the prosperity and abundance that I am looking for. Give me the wisdom to develop my mind and intelligence by making good decisions that help me achieve the position of success that I seek in my work. I place this request in your hands trusting that, if I need it, You will grant it to me.

Most Holy Lord, I want to thank You and at the same time ask You for my family. Thank you because you allow them to accompany me one more day and because you do not abandon us, because you always provide the food we need to replenish our strength, because you give us dresses to cover our bodies and because you keep us in that union necessary to get ahead in the face of adversity. I ask You for mercy and mercy if at some point we forget that all the blessings we have are solely for You.

Today I am about to solve the problem that has been afflicting me, give me the strength I need to face adversity, remove the fears and fears from my heart. Make me walk bravely on your path and, holding your hand, help me to achieve the wishes I have for today, beautiful Lord.

I do this prayer with great faith and devotion, knowing that you are ready to come to my aid when I cry out for you. I am grateful, my Lord, for all the blessings that You put in my life, for my family, for my work, for my studies, and for people who somehow bring me closer to You and make me understand that You are the only way to happiness.

Thank you for this beautiful gift, beloved King of the universe, for your unconditional love, and for your immeasurable kindness. Your faithfulness is shown in an incomparable way because despite my sins you grant me blessings of which I am undeserved.

Blessed Lord, I want to thank you because you listen to my prayers, because my prayers are answered and because I trust that your answer will not wait. Deliver me from the evils that want to haunt me and from the temptations of the enemy, clothe me with your love and stay by my side throughout the day. All this I ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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