Morning Prayer for November 14

Beautiful Lord, a new day dawns, and your love is felt with the sun that shines in the sky. Thank you that my eyes are open contemplating your magnificent creation and that everything you do is only to rejoice in my heart. Thank you that I do not deserve all the blessings you put in my life, precious God.

This is a beautiful morning to glorify yourself and to praise your precious name. Joy overflows my heart knowing that I can enjoy one more day with my family, my friends, my work, my studies and that I have one more opportunity to achieve my goals and desires, blessed God.

Heavenly Father, today I woke up convinced that I would meet and overcome all the tests that come my way. I have the confidence to achieve everything I could plan, today I want to be your servant and take your message of love to the people who need it. I am present for you to use me as an instrument of your peace.

I also want to ask you today for the people who are far from your presence, without knowing that you are the only way to achieve happiness. Do not abandon them, oh good Lord, they need your watchful gaze and your blessing to achieve what they want.

Have mercy on this world that is increasingly afflicted, conflictive and routine. Do not allow me to forget you, O my God, cleanse the evils from their minds, and give them a reason and a motive to turn their gaze to You, Eternal Father. May they regain that joy that has faded.

I ask you for any pain or illness that may be happening. Help me understand that it is one of the tests you have for me. I want to understand that, despite the hard times, I must continue trusting in your love, trusting in your mercy, and in your great power.

How not to exalt you, Lord! if your wonders populate the earth and you put everything created at our disposal. How not to praise you if you love me despite my mistakes and feel sorry for me, because you make me reap with joy what I sowed with tears, my good Lord.

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