Morning Prayer for November 15

Almighty Lord, this morning I wake up happy and content with a lot of desire to glorify and praise You. The day begins and I can only thank you for all the love you give me, for the beautiful things that you put in my life to get my attention, and because you always remain faithful, accompanying me in every step I take, wonderful God.

This morning, blessed Lord, I ask you for my business, for my success at work. You know my projects and the needs that I have, that’s why I offer them to you so that you can consider everything I want and make them a reality. Merciful Father, King of my life, I prostrate myself before You to beg You to fulfill the desires of my heart.

Pour your grace on me and walk by my side the rest of the day. Be my guide and my guardian, do not allow the enemy to rule my life, increase my faith and make my prayer more and more constant, O my beautiful and adored Lord. I will glorify you each new day that you give me, for there is no greater good than yours, incomparable Lord.

I want to ask you for my family, allow me to enjoy many moments with you. Thank you for my parents, for my siblings, for my children, and for all those people who have an important meaning for me. Do not abandon them and watch over their projects, Lord, make them achieve their goals one by one so that they can sustain their lives and our home is a witness of your love.

I ask you for the hearts of each one of my relatives so that you cleanse them of all affliction and heal the wounds of their souls with your powerful hand. You blessed God, know the problems that we may be going through and the concerns that we have in mind. Ease all burdens, ease our burdens, and don’t let our faith wane. Have mercy on us, dear Father, and give us your blessing.

Help me, this morning, to be a reflection of your love and to be able to find you during my confusion, in my weakness, to be able to recognize you and search for you without ceasing. Thank you for granting me to live in you, heavenly Father, for my full life, and because your only mandate is that I follow you, serve you, and, taken by your hand, I can walk in search of happiness.

I want to put my sight on You, my good Lord, not to go back and walk forward, towards salvation. Dear Lord, I just want to think of You, of the magnificent love You have for me, and know that You will never abandon me despite the mistakes I may make.

This morning, I surrender at your feet because I am a sinner and I recognize that I do not deserve everything you do for me. Now I just want to adore you because you clothed me with your love and put me in front of everyone. Thank you, dear God, because only you exalt the humble and look with pleasure at a humbled heart.

Blessed Lord, I thank you with all my heart for the new day that I will begin. I put each of my activities in your hands and I ask you to allow me to enjoy this day to the fullest and share it with the people I love the most. I want to live under the wings of your love and that you be my companion always, Lord. All this I ask and I thank you in the glorious name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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