Morning Prayer for November 16

Dear Lord, you are by my side at the beginning of this new day. I feel your presence close to me since my eyes open, so I can only thank you for all the blessings you put in my life, for your infinite love, and for listening to my prayers at all times.

Today I want to ask you about that problem that afflicts me and that has been of great concern to me. Holy Lord, give me your strength not to decline and not to stop moving forward. I need your patience not to despair and to bear this heavy burden. May your strength help me to resist this moment that I am going through.

I put everything in your hands and because I know that you will solve everything that my storm will pass if you are in my boat. Don’t leave me for a moment, Lord, because if you are with me there will be nothing that will make me fall. You are my strength, my shield, and my sword to defend me from the temptations of the enemy.

Dear Lord, teach me to ask you because only he who knows how to ask, also knows how to give. And this morning, I ask you for me, so that you do not abandon me and so that your pious gaze is placed on my life so that my joy is complete. Renew my spirits and fan the flame of my heart that is weak and almost extinguished.

May this morning serve to reflect on all the gifts that you put in me and that I do not know how to take advantage of. Help me serve my brothers with much more dedication and become a better child of yours every day of my life. May I take your message of love to the people who need it most.

I want to ask you for the people I love the most, for their lives and their work. Help them to have a fruitful and blessed day, to always maintain the union and love that is so important. Don’t let the enemy try to create a rift between you and them. Always protect them, God bless.

I also want to ask You for those who are far from You, for those who this morning with the radiant sun, have darkness in their lives. Increase their faith so that they can believe that victories will come. Grant them that courage so that they do not fear and so that worries do not rule their lives.

Thank you, Lord, because now I am about to start the day, much more relieved and with the confidence that you will help me to bear all the sorrows of my life. Give me back the spirit that I have been losing and the joy to understand that complicated moments have an end and that calm will come back to my sea.

May this morning be different, very useful, and may my actions be to your liking, grant me the wisdom to make the best decisions on this beautiful day. All this I ask of you under the intercession of your Son, our Lord Jesus. Amen.

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