Morning Prayer for November 17

A new day begins, Oh God, and you are still by my side. The sun shines with all its brilliance and you show me your love by placing everything you do for me in front of my eyes. Thank you because you allow me to be healthy to share this beautiful day with the people I love.

I want to ask you precisely for my family so that you grant them a day full of blessings. I ask you for the lives of my brothers, my parents, my children, my husband, or my wife so that you grant us the union and understanding that we need so that your love is manifested in the center of our home.

Always guide us and watch our steps. Do not allow the darkness of evil to cross our lives. Help us to forgive and support each other whenever the other needs it. May your presence be a necessity in our home and that we can always look for you, at all times good and bad.

God of love, this morning, I want to praise and bless you. I know that you know everything about me and everything that I am I give to you. My offering to You is my poor heart full of illusions, I ask You to consider my plans, listen to my prayers, and that one by one you grant them to me when I need them most.

This day I want to be completely for You, I want You to use me as Your instrument, to use me for the work that has begun. My Lord, may my lips only have words of love and hope, and may I bring them to the people who need it.

Also, I want to ask you for my work that is the sustenance for my home, for the activities that I carry out every day, for my trade, for my job position, so that you bless him and take care of me at the time of doing it, that he does not find me threatened by the dangers of the enemy.

Oh God the Father, I put in your hands all the skills and abilities that I have learned so that, guided by you, they have a good production in my work that allows me to continue bringing a plate of food home, that allows me to be prosperous and that I give gifts in abundance, my good God, remembering that I will obtain everything if I ask for it from the heart.

Help me Lord to walk the paths of good, to decide correctly, and to remove the temptations from my life. May the enemy have no space in my heart. Give me strength in my moments of weakness and give me perseverance in the trials that come my way today.

Thank you again because I know that the morning will be very useful for me. Walk by my side throughout the day. Remind me of your love in every step I take and strengthen me in the trials I have to face. All this I ask in the holy name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen.

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