Morning Prayer for November 18

Thank you my God for this beautiful day that you put before my eyes. Thank you for all the blessings you place on it and for allowing me to share it and enjoy it to the fullest with the people I love the most. Thank you blessed Lord because your details are magnificent for your son.

I want to start this day by asking you for my goals and my plans so that you help me achieve them. I know that your holy word has authority and that is why I ask you for the promise of achieving everything I long for, everything I need for my life.

I thank you for your infinite kindness and because you gave me a very good family. I ask you to make the union grow between us and to give us the strength to come out together from the adversities that may arise. Take care of their jobs and grant them prosperity so that they can sustain their home, give them your love in abundance so that they can feel your presence in their lives.

Give us a day full of rejoicing, love, and many blessings, may we not lack food for our bodies and lead us safely to whatever destination we are about to go, O Almighty God.

This morning I want to praise you with all the strength I have and with all my heart because I acknowledge with great joy that you are the only path I must follow, you are the only goal I must achieve and you are the best consolation I can have. Blessed God, I offer you my life today, I offer you my joys and my sorrows.

On this beautiful morning, I put my life in your hands, I give you all the problems and concerns that you may have. Trusting that you will ease the burdens that I have and that you will help me to emerge victorious from the trials that are presented to me today. Beloved Father, give me the strength to carry on and not lose heart.

I ask you for the illness that I am going through, for the pains that my body experiences, and for the wounds that I have in my soul. Lord God, I want You to be the one to place Your healing hand on me and to be the doctor I need to alleviate my ills.

I also want to ask you for the people who wake up today and have to face complex and very difficult situations. For those who suffer from severe illnesses, for those who have to face unemployment or some family problem, it is You who can give them the tranquility and calm to bear this anguish that is presented to them.

Thank you again Lord because I trust that you will listen to everything I am asking you and you will give me a day full of many blessings. Lead my steps and illuminate my path with that light of your sacred heart. I ask everything in the name of Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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