Morning Prayer for November 19

Lord of goodness, your grace is infinite and your love is immeasurable. I thank you because my body gets up to live one more day. I stand up and start the path you have planned for me. Thank you for your blessings that fill my life, for my family, for my friends, for my work, and your eternal company.

My God, your presence in my life is wonderful, my heart rejoices with joy for the favor you grant. Thank you, blessed Lord, because you stand before me and resist with me the attacks of life, you are my insurance and my coat of arms, my strength and my refuge. Start the day with me and use me as your instrument to carry your message of love.

You are the only one who controls everything and I know that if I am by your side I will be able to achieve all my wishes. That is why today, I put my life in your holy hands and the lives of the people who are most important to me. I ask you for my family, my friends, and my marriage so that you cover us with your love and always illuminate us with the fire of your heart.

Help us to make our prayer daily, to be calm when situations do not turn out as we expect them and allow us to train our courage to get away from the temptations that exist in the world.

I also want to ask you this morning for the people who live in darkness, for the people who have forgotten you and that routine life has become their god. Have compassion on them and allow them to know You, call them back to your path making them understand that living far from You is empty and that, when we are separated from Your vigilance, the enemy tears us to pieces.

God of goodness, guide my steps and take care of me to reach all the places that require my presence. Protect me from all evil that may come before me. In every battle that I have to fight, become my protective soldier and help me to emerge victorious from the tests that are placed on me.

I thank you again, Lord, because you always remain faithful despite the mistakes I may make, despite my lack of faith, you always show me love and trust me again. Forgive the mistakes that I may commit and have mercy if at any moment of the day I commit a failure that you may not like.

I want to ask you, especially for my work, for my work that is the sustenance for my family and my home. Give me the prosperity and abundance that I am looking for to meet my needs. Bless my abilities and aptitudes to always perform in the best way and to be able to reach higher rungs in this passing life.

I thank you, blessed Father because I have full confidence that my prayer is heard. Because I know that you are paying attention to my prayers and my pleas. All this I ask in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

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