Morning Prayer for December 12

Blessed Lord, the sun returns to the highest point in the sky. I wake up with great joy to thank you because you allow me, one more day, to contemplate your beautiful creation. Merciful God, I really praise you because even without deserving it, you give me a lot of love, patience, and blessings.

I want to ask You, heavenly Father, that this morning it is You who take all control of my life. I want you to guide my steps and show me the paths I must take.  I want you to be the one who has my time, projects, and objectives. That you see that it is the most necessary for me so that you can grant it to me.

Thank you, Lord, because my body is restored and full of energy. Thank you because the illness that I suffered is gone. Thank you because I was able to solve the problem that afflicted me. Now I remain at the disposal of what you have planned for me. Blessed God, everything that comes from You is the best thing in my life.

God of love, direct my hands for my work, give me the lucidity and intelligence to carry out my activities. In this way, I wanna achieve the prosperity I seek and abundance in my work. My Lord, thank you for the gifts that you gave me and that I have been developing day by day to put at your service.

This morning, I want to ask you many blessings for the people around me, my family, friends, and those who share my day today. Light up their paths and give them the strength they need in the face of complex life situations. Help them to understand that if you are in their midst, if you are the center of their families, they will be able to achieve the happiness and peace they seek so much.

We want to recognize you as the only Lord and as the only God. Keep us united and in fervent prayer. Have mercy on us and do not take into account the mistakes we may make. Give us that docility to know how to accept your will and look through your eyes when it is our turn to forgive a brother.

Walk with me clearing all my doubts, removing the men who exist on the outside. Give me the strength and conviction to sustain my faith and remain faithful in the race. I trust your words, my Lord, in your promises. I trust that your love has no comparison and that you will always be ready for me.

I place this day in your hands, my good Lord. Allow me to be the instrument you have in mind for your work. The one who can carry out your word to the ears of the people who need it to reveal your truths and your infinite love.

Heavenly Father, I want to thank you because I know that you hear my prayer and that you are waiting for me when I cry out for your help. Grant me a day full of benefit and favor for me, protected by your hand and with the strength, I need to carry on.

All this I ask in the name of Jesus, your only son, Amen.

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