Morning prayer for December 23

Lord of love, almighty God, and king of my life, one more morning begins. I approach You to thank You because I can get out of bed to continue on your path. Now I am about to start the day in the best way, knowing that you are the one who controls everything and arranges everything. Help me to live every moment with happiness and enjoyment every day.

My Holy God, Lord of heaven, I thank you this morning for your immense love and all the blessings that you put in my life. Every morning you wrap my heart with your grace and fill my life with happiness. Today I only have words of praise for You, words from the bottom of my soul to glorify your name.

This morning, God of mercy, I want to ask you for the people who start the day with difficulties. I beg you for people who are through a physical illness or, worse still, who have a weak soul. I ask for mercy for people who have a financial problem and quickly fall into despair. I pray for those who have lost the will and desire to live thinking about making a fateful determination.

Help them find the peace they need, Lord, not lose heart. And I want to see reality from another perspective so that you can be their strength in their problems and so that they do not lose courage. Increase their faith and help them to believe in You constantly. God of love, so that you may be their comfort and their refuge when they raise their cry to You.

My Lord, I cry out to You because I know that You are the only one who can bless my life. You are the only one who can give another meaning to my plans, and I know that there is nothing impossible. Beautiful Lord, this morning take your hand to proclaim your victory over evil.

Blessed Lord, I also want to ask you for my family. You know that they are the most important people to me and that is why I implore you for them. Become the center of their lives, a need that they have to constantly seek, that they can experience the love that I experience daily and be filled with your grace.

Stay close to us and always keep us united. Help us every day to become a family of prayer because we want to do little things that enhance your name. Everlasting Lord, teach us humility to be the servants you want us to be and to be useful in the work you have for us.

My God, this morning, I raise my prayer with great confidence and with great devotion. I beg you with great humility for you to take into account all that I have asked of you. Stay in my day blessing me, protecting me, and loving me, so that nothing bad can happen to me and that I can enjoy great health.

I thank you, blessed Father because I have full confidence that my prayer is being heard. Give me a day full of favor that the enemy does not come between us. Stay by my side, protecting my path and giving security to my steps. All this I ask under the intercession of your beloved Son, Jesus. Amen.

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