Morning prayer for December 25

Blessed Lord, a new morning rises above the clouds. I can wake up realizing the wonders that You do daily in my life. Today, I wake up happy, my beloved Lord, although whenever there are setbacks in life. You give me a new opportunity to fight for my happiness and thus can achieve my dreams, Lord.

On this beautiful morning that You have made, Lord, all your creatures delight in your presence. Today is no one more worthy and powerful than You, heavenly Father. You do not know how grateful I feel for you because you always provide for my needs. You allowed me to have a good rest, have a roof under which to shelter me, a plate of food on my table, and above all, people that I love and love me as my family, my God.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me in a great way by putting the right people in my path. On this new day, I would like to entrust myself to You and ask that your blessing, your graces, and that love that you have for me, remain with me throughout this day. Please take care of me from the dangers of the world and keep me from envy, hatred, and resentment.

I also want to place in your hands, my beloved Lord, the life of every one of my family members, friends, and all my loved ones, because I know that they need You much more than they imagine. God, give us the necessary wisdom to make the best decisions and temperance. Don’t let so as not to be overwhelmed by negative feelings and the joy that is always necessary for my day-to-day life.

Today I want to live my life with enthusiasm, joy, and full of optimistic thoughts. I know that you are with me, Father of my life. I know that you are seeking me and leading me along the paths of abundance, prosperity, and happiness that I can only find in You, my good Lord.

Let me be an instrument of your love and goodness, Lord. May I be a testimony of your living presence in the hearts of each of your children. Help me to be humble, to give help to those who need it most, and to transmit your love through a hug, a smile, and a few words of encouragement for those who are downcast.

I trust in You, my beautiful Lord, and I know that You have a plan that bears my name. Please, on this day help me to discover what you want for my life, to be able to follow the right path, and to have my gaze fixed only on You.  My one and only true Lord, worthy of all praise, all honor, and all glory, forever and always.

Help me carry out all my activities for this day with success, Heavenly Father, be it in my housework, at work, at school, and wherever I go. Take care of me and take me well to each of my destinations, help me return home safely, and allow me to reunite with my family at the end of the day.

From now  I thank you, my Lord, because I know that you are attentive to my prayer. Thank you for listening, for protecting me, and for not abandoning me any day of my life. I stay with you, having the confidence of knowing that You go by my side wherever I go. All this I ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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