Morning prayer for December 27

My good Lord, one more day with us, my eyes open and I can discover that you gave me the joy of being alive. I thank you because you allowed my body to rest and because now I wake up wanting to start a new opportunity to do many things that give me a favor.

My God, wonderful Father and Lord of mercy, I want to start this day by showering you with blessings, praising you, and adoring you. Because even though I know you don’t need my praise, I want to give you back a tiny part of what you do in my life. My voice will always proclaim your wonders and will always exalt your holy name until my life lasts.

Precious Lord, I am not afraid of anything when I am by your hand. My heart fills with courage and security when it comes to trials because I know that I will overcome them. I trust, Almighty God, that I will achieve everything when you fight in front of me. Do not allow the enemy to have space in my heart, flood my whole heart with your love.

It is beautiful to start the day knowing that I am your son and that you do the best things thinking of me. Loving Father, thank you because your presence in my life is constant because you are predisposed to listen to my prayer. And because you do not leave me alone when things do not go the way I want them to.

I want to ask You, Lord, for the people who start their day away from You. For those people who have made routine a lifestyle, for those who have material things as their main priority. For those who have forgotten you and who have projects far from you. Have compassion and mercy on them. Show them the way back so that they remember that everything they have comes from your hand.

This morning, too, I want to thank you for my family, thank you for their lives, because you are aware of them in the same way that you are aware of me. I ask you to bless their works, to bless their homes, that they may become men of prayer and grant them the necessary sustenance for their homes.

Help us, my God, to stay united and to be persistent in prayer. May we not lose heart when there is a big problem. May we support each other and give each other strength to always come out of the test together or to accept sad moments, but together.

Most High God of the universe, may this day be completely for You, may your presence envelop my life, and may it be You living through me. I will put everything I have under your hands so that you take into account my wishes and my desires, while I will plant the seed so that my wishes bear fruit.

I thank you once again, blessed Lord. After all, I know that my prayer is being heard because I trust that you will fulfill the promises you have for me. And I know that you will complete the work that you have started with my name. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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