Morning Prayer for December 29

Precious God, the first rays of the sun tell me that you are giving me a new day to enjoy and share with the people I love the most. This morning, I opened my eyes and sought your presence to thank you because you allowed my body to rest peacefully and today you allow me to go after the plans you have for me.

It is beautiful, God the Father, to be able to enjoy this beautiful gift and know that everything you do, you do it because you love me and because I am the most important thing to you. Thank you because I wake up healthy and eager to do my activities to get a lot of favor from them.

Guide my steps and guide my path on this day, that I do not fall into the temptations of the enemy and that I put You above all. I know that with your holy name in front of me, I can achieve everything and I can overcome all tests. Give me the strength and the fighting spirit I need to face the obstacles that may come my way in life.

This morning, I put all my projects, all my plans, and all my wishes under your gaze, my God, so that they are fulfilled according to your will. You know what I need before my lips pronounce it and I know that you will give me the gifts that I ask of you at convenient times.

Precious God, if my plans do not go as I hope, help me not to despair and to continue trusting your words, to continue trusting your promises. Teach me to understand what you want for me on this day, show me more of You to be able to see the world through your eyes and to be an instrument that carries your message to the people who need it most.

I thank you for all the wonderful things that you put in my life, one of them is my family. Thank you for giving me a roof where I can live and share moments with each of them. Thank you, my good God, because you give me the happiness of placing a plate of food on my table to be able to feed myself. Thank you for the dress, for the work, for my studies, and for all the blessings that come from your hand.

I ask you to give many gifts within my home, that your presence is the one who governs every day within my house. Heavenly Father, if we ever fall in the face of adversity. Help us to raise much stronger and much more eager to move on.

Stay with me this morning, Lord, accompany me to all the places where I need to go and make me return with the good of all of them. Protect my life and my life of mine by granting us much productivity, well-being, and prosperity on this day.

Thank you, my good Lord, for listening to the cry of my prayer, thank you because I know that you will accompany me and guide my steps towards victory. May your presence be a constant in my life and may your grace surround me to find the happiness and peace that I need so much. All this I ask in the mighty name Jesus Christ, the only way and the only truth, Amen.

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