Morning Prayer for December 30

Dear God, my eyes wake up once more and I realize that he has given me a new dawn. I can only thank you for your immense compassion and for your incomparable love. Thank you because I know that I wake up healthy and eager to move forward on the path of life.

Today I want to take advantage of this morning to praise you and bless you because you are with me always. Blessed are you, God of love, because great are your works and wonderful are your miracles, your power is incomparable and you are the only one worthy of all honor and glory. I truly praise you, because you are the only way to happiness, because you are the almighty and eternal God!

Thank you, my God, because I have the complete certainty that you will be by my side in the moments where doubt appears. You are in the moments where there is confusion in my mind when my sadness invades my heart and anguish is stronger than me. My merciful Lord, in all those moments your love will abound and I will feel much more secure and relieved.

Blessed merciful Father, I want to obtain your forgiveness on this day. Sorry if there are situations where I don’t know how to control or handle them. Where concerns can be a trigger for behavior that is not to your liking. Lord, You know all my weaknesses and you know in which situations I am more prone to falling, that is why I ask You to have patience and compassion for me.

Lord, I ask you for my family, for the activities that they have to do, for their homes, for their jobs, for their studies and for the different tasks they have for today. I also ask You for their lives, for their hearts, for their souls, so that you remove from them all kinds of evil from the enemy and so that, day by day, they can get closer to You.

This morning, let us know you more, get closer to You and know how great your love is. Help us to pray together and to support each other in difficult times. Heal the wounds of body and soul that we may have and I ask you, every morning, to increase our faith to spread it to the rest of our neighbors.

I have the faith that your words are eternal and that your promises are true. Therefore, with great devotion, I raise my prayer to heaven. Bless me Lord and bless the people who will be with me for the rest of the day until sunset.

You are the engine of my life, you are the goal I want to achieve and the place where I intend to rest. Direct my steps along the paths of good, illuminate my path when darkness wants to appear. Favor me, protect me and help me when I cry out for You, my God.

God bless, help me to live this day with a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of excitement and with the hope of being able to achieve everything that I have in mind. Thank you because I know that I will walk with your love enveloping my life. Give me the prudence and good sense to try to live in the best way. All this I ask in the holy name of Jesus, your Son, Amen.

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