Morning Prayer for December 31

Precious God, thank you for this new opportunity to be alive. Today I wake up with great hope and enthusiasm to live this morning that you have planned for me. I thank you, my good God, for all this beautiful year that has passed. Thank you because you held my hand and did not allow me to fall into the temptations that the world offers. Thank you because tomorrow after tomorrow you showed me your love.

Thank you for all this past year, for all that it brought with it, for the good moments and the bad moments. For my home and my family, for the goals that I can achieve, and for the good experiences. Thank you for all the places where I was able to take your message of love and for the trials that helped me to be stronger.

I want to praise you, my good Lord, because your kind presence was with me in all the moments that passed this year. Thank you for the projects that I carried out, for the objectives that I fulfilled, and for the people that I met. Keep blessing my days and lighting my steps in life.

Dear God, you have remained faithful all this time, thank you for so much love! Thank you for giving me the courage and bravery to face the problems that come to me. Thank you that I was victorious from all the difficult moments I had!

Thank you for the illnesses that I recovered from, thank you for the businesses that were successful, thank you for those who did not get to walk and allowed space for other projects. Thank you, my Lord, for the wisdom you gave me to create new things and to serve my brothers.

Merciful God, I want to ask you this morning for the people who live far from your grace, for those who are waiting for your forgiveness, for those who are going through times of great difficulty or who are experiencing some illness that undermines their health. Pour out your mercy on them so they can find their way by following in your footsteps.

My Holy God, I send you my prayer with great confidence, I give You all my wishes, my dreams, and the projects that I have for the year that is about to begin, granting me what I beg of You at the times you deem appropriate and stay by my side day by day, month by month and year after year.

Let this New Year be one of great joy, of great health and well-being. Increase our faith so that this year that is about to come has many goals to achieve and objectives to achieve, O blessed Lord. Give me a clean and humble heart to better give your service.

My Lord, I am certain that this day will be very productive for me and that my prayer will be taken into account. Give me the joy and enthusiasm to be able to live this end of the year. I place everything I have of me, my desires and purposes, at your feet so that you can grant it to me. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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