Morning prayer for December 13

Blessed Lord, I thank you for this day that dawns. I feel your presence since I opened my eyes. I want to thank you because you have given me your love since the beginning of the day. Thank you for my family that accompanies me and for my friends that make my life much happier. On this day, I ask you to grant a favorable day for me.

This morning, I want it to be You, Holy Father, who is reflected in the actions of my life.Be present in every moment that I have to live, so that my actions show that I know and am the son of a God of goodness. Allow me to experience moments where I can serve my neighbor. Let me be the one to carry your message of love to the people who are waiting for that word of encouragement to guide their lives.

Lord of mercy, have mercy on all those who are far from your grace. I ask you to have compassion for them and to show them the way back home. Pour out your Holy Spirit on them so that they can remove from their hearts all the feelings of hopelessness, disappointment, and reluctance. Revive their lives and give back the desire to continue persevering in your ways.

I ask you to give me the good sense and prudence to know how to live this beautiful miracle that you gave me. May all the plans I have for today be fulfilled according to your will. Holy God, may my actions please you and walk together all day.

I thank you, merciful Father because my body has recovered its energies. Today I am about to start a new journey seeking to achieve abundance and prosperity in my work to find the tranquility that I seek.

This morning I ask you for my family, for their lives, jobs, studies, and for their service. Give us the opportunity to get to know you more every day so that we can draw closer to you to clothe ourselves with your light and your holy spirit. May we be instruments of your peace and have you always present in the center of our house.

Give us the strength to stay together through difficult times and to unite in prayer whenever we need it. Almighty Lord, may your love always reign in our hearts so that from our family nucleus we are a sample that reflects your love to the world. Never abandon us, or leave us unprotected, because we are weak when we distance ourselves from You.

Today I feel determined to continue with the work that has begun in me. Help me to walk hand in hand, guiding my steps along the paths that you consider to be the correct ones. I ask you, dear Lord, that you take into consideration all the plans that I have, but that your divine will always be done.

May everything I ask you humbly be listened to with patience and mercy. My Lord, grant me many blessings this day and protect me from all disturbances from the enemy. Give me the prudence and wisdom to live this day. Let me be of use to my neighbor. All this I ask in the powerful name of your Son Jesus Christ, our only God, and Lord, Amen.

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